Monday, September 12, 2011

Favorites @ Tommy Hilfiger S/S 2012

Love the runway lighting at Tommy Hilfiger every time.  Large open runway, a beautiful combination of soft diffused light and sufficient direct lighting.  The entire length of the runway is evenly lit for the full height of a standing person, the runway is off-white and is neither flat nor highly reflective, it does not cast an overbearing color spill onto the models and there are no uncomplimentary "black holes" that make it difficult to photograph details. 


Zuzanna Bijoch

Got to talk briefly to Zuzanna after the show.  It was such a pleasure to talk to her, find out how her life has changed since she picked up modeling and traveling around the world, and of course after doing the Prada editorial that shot her to the top of the list.  Away-from-the-runway conversations give that sense of reality in all this photo bustle that's hard to grasp otherwise.  Zuzanna has a beautiful spirit and seems above being caught in her own newly found persona and made conversation so enjoyable.  I wish her luck and hope she continues further than a moment of stardom!
New print works!
My favorite look of this collection

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